Brings it all together

Nothing brings everything together for your business like Knowledge Library. This resource hub is filled with tools, tips and inspiration to help you bring what’s important to your company into one easy to use and shareable place.

Getting started


Knowledge Library admin basics

Get hands-on experience on everything from assigning Knowledge Library roles, to personalizing your home with these interactive demos.


Knowledge Library category editor basics

Share this course with category editors to manage subcategories, create content and publish to the right audience.

Get inspired to create more

Amplify your content to make it unmissable

Making the most of Knowledge Library

Knowledge Library has the power to make information social. So it’s the end of creating resources that people quickly forget about, and the start of seeing shares and engagement with your content.

Building your Knowledge Library team

You don’t have to be an IT expert to build content in Knowledge Library, which means you also don’t have to do it alone. Learn how you can give people limited access to create and update content in Knowledge Library, whilst still maintaining control of official company resources.

Bringing it all together helps everyone

Workplace saves frontline workers 1 hour per week
Workplace reduces time spent accessing resources by 18%
Workplace reduces time spent onboarding employees by 24%