Security and Governance

Understand how your organization can control and protect your accounts.


Workplace is developed with security as a top priority. As a Workplace customer, you have the ability to secure your instance based on the needs of your business. This includes being able to grant granular permissions to particular users in your organization, controlling programmatic access to your content with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions or programmatically via API or enforcing Single Sign-On (SSO) for everyone.

In this section, we will cover the options that empower your company's Workplace administrators in order to govern, monitor and protect your accounts on the plaform.


As a company responsible for data belonging to nearly 3 billion people, Facebook invests a huge amount to ensure this information is safe. Workplace directly benefits from all of Facebook’s investment in security, technology and infrastructure, while remaining a separate platform.


Workplace offers your company's administrators powerful tools, logs and policies to protect your community, as well as technical controls to modify, delete or retrieve your data at any time.